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Designed to efficiently manage the main activities of the client's corporate routine.

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Management dashboard

Corporate chart

Corporate calendar

Executive Report and API

Three levels of Dashboards to manage grouped information from companies and specific to a single company.

Hierarchical links between companies and partners at a click.

Find out if your company has any pendency with the IRS and if you need to request negative debt certificates.

Executive reports with general or specific information about your company, including for due diligence purposes. Query API available.

Corporate info in full

Officers and attorneys-in-fact

Governance rules

Corporate library and timeline

Complete corporate information on the company's and partners' total quotas/shares. Percentage of each partner in the total and voting capital stock.

Registration information and control of the expiration of terms of mandates and powers of administrators and attorneys-in-fact.

Learn what members have authority to approve corporate matters who may grant powers.

Have a library with all official documents organized and accessible in one click. Easy access to past corporate acts.


Automating is saving and growing


“With the hiring of GSI Serviço, it was possible to reallocate my team to more strategic and important demands of the legal department.”


“Our more than 120 SPCs have their information organized in the system, and I can access it whenever I need it. In addition, we reduced our cost by 50% in contracting corporate acts.”


“Although we only have 7 companies, it is very worthwhile to maintain corporate management with GSI. First, for the quality. Second, because it got cheaper.”


“It is the best cost benefit to keep the portfolio routine organized, including the preparation of corporate documents.”

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